The fact of the matter about style is that we all need to express our own unique truth, and we can’t necessarily do that by buying commercially available cloths, crafts and art.  This means to truly express yourself you may need to go about creating your own art and crafts.

One of the great ways to do this is with the extraordinarily handy cutting machines called Cricut.

These die cutting machines are affordable and allow the type of capability formerly only available in professional and commercial printing shops in the past.  They also have attachments that allow for cutting of wood, vinyl, rubber, and of course paper.

The use of these machines is only limited to the users imagination.  However we want to give a little bit of inspiration to show how these could be leveraged for self expression and creativity.

Let’s begin!

1. Leather Crafts with Cricut

One of the materials that you can cut with Cricut (that many people might not be familiar with) is leather.  In fact the best cricut for cutting leather is readily available (the Cricut Maker or the Cricut Explore Air).

Leather opens up whole new worlds of crafts that can include wristlets, bracelets, bolo ties and necklaces.  You can also craft leather accoutrements that can be additions to home decor items.

2. Cricut for Wall Decals

Wall paper is played out and hasn’t been popular for decades, but a much better approach is stickable wall decals.  They can be added in much mor ecreative ways than wallpapers repeating patterns, and can be removed when you don’t want them anymore.

Great part about using the cricut is you can make your own!  It’s actually rather simple and a very basic application of the machine, to print/cut vinyl stickers and can then be peeled and placed on the walls.

3. Custom T-Shirts

With a combination of a heat press (you can also use an Iron) and the Cricut Explore Air with vinyl prints, you can make your own t-shirt designs.  This can also expand to include bags and other items that you might want to add your own flare to.