Choosing clothes to wear during summer is very easy but choosing clothes that are girly, sexy, hot and astonishing could be hard. Here are some tips to maintain a flashy look during the extreme heat of summer times.

Wear dresses that have a floral design. One of the biggest misconception today is that floral design is only good for certain types of body and this is not true. Floral dresses make you look fresh during a hot day, it all comes to the design of the dress. The tip is the color combinations, this is where you test which color combination complements best your body.

Don’t be in a rush to choose what to buy, make sure to always fit the dress first before buying it. The fit of every type of dress will not be the same as the other one depending on the design. Choose a size that your most comfortable with and look in the mirror and you will see if that dress is for you, rushing will give you nothing but a headache when you realize that the dress you bought does not fit.